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For the past two years, TrachMar has been providing membership literature fulfillment, postcard outreach, and call center outreach for a large public health state agency. For the membership fulfillment, TrachMar receives data weekly from the client through our secure .ftp site with a five-day mandated turn.  TrachMar parses the data into as many as 14 discrete groups, prints personalized letters and geo-coded directories, and deposits those pieces into the USPS mail stream, most typically in 4 days or less. The call center and postcard outreach are an integrated service offering. TrachMar receives a database of clients eligible for a free medical checkup who have not taken advantage of the service. TrachMar calls first. Those we cannot reach via the telephone receive a postcard.

For the past year, TrachMar has provided print and fulfillment services for a state run electronic benefit service. This involves printing thirty five different types of materials that retail establishments might need to provide EBT services. All of this runs through an on demand portal that TrachMar designed and manages.  The client’s call center employees log onto the TrachMar portal, choosing either pre-kitted or customized fulfillment packages. The portal automatically forwards the orders to the fulfillment center where they are pulled from the TrachMar inventory and shipped no later than next business day.

For the past four years, TrachMar has been assisting a nationwide not for profit with its annual conference. For the first two years, this involved TrachMar using our call center to drive membership to the conference. For the last two years, the association asked us to add a post card component to our call center efforts to reach an even broader audience. Because of the success of our integrated communication campaign, the organization is now doing regional conferences throughout the year as opposed to a single national conference.  This adds value to the members and dollars to the not for profit’s balance sheet.